Run your photochemistry with controlled photoflux and temperatures

Safely perform solvothermal reactions with the xelsius parallel reactor while easily monitoring pressure and temperature.
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    Successful and reliable photochemical experiments requires knowledge of reaction temperature and relevant parameters about the absorbed LED light induced into the reaction itself. A safe, comfortable and flexible reaction setup is although important as well as documentation, reporting and export of the achieved results.

    Defined photoflux for reproducible reaction conditions.
    Photoflux in photons/min

    Constant photoflux in μmol photons/min for constant reaction conditions.
    Wavelength from 365 nm to 660 nm.

    technical specs
    LumiSynth LED Lichtquellen werden vor der Auslieferung vermessen und spezifiziert.
    Temperature control & monitoring

    Controlled temperatures are providing defined reaction conditions, a basic requirement to learn about photochemical effects and reaction kinetics.

    xelsius temperature control
    10 different photoreactions paralell with xelsius LumiSynth from 365 nm to 660 nm.
    Quality in photochemistry

    LumiSynth provides a well-controlled, reproducible LED source that gives chemists full control about reaction temperatures and photoflux.

    LED specification report