„Easy to use“ – Innovatively implemented

To work with the xelsius is easy.

With intuitive and clear operating elements, you can be working productively with the xelsius after just a few minutes to optimize your reactions.

With just a few clicks, you can heat, cool or stir each cell individually, or control time and temperature via temperature ramps.

The innovative user interface allows you to configure the desired parameters quickly, from simple temperature settings to multi-step reaction profiles with dynamic ramps and cycles.

You always have a full overview of the status in all 10 cells.

Monitoring of all 10 cells in a single view
All important reactor parameters at a glance
Flow Control – for working safely with reliable performance

All parameters at a glance

All relevant process parameters are displayed live, recorded and automatically saved for export.

Automatic recording of set points, jacket temperature, reaction temperature, stirring speed and cell power consumption.
Easy set-up of multi-step reaction profiles

Easy lab automation

  • Data export formats: csv, xls
  • Integrated report & documentation features as pdf, jpg
  • Precise temperature control with PID controller
  • Interface for automation systems

Interface for automation

Different data interfaces allow easy integration into laboratory automation systems.

Automated sampling & liquid handling e.g. for:

  • Solubility studies
  • Solvent screening
  • Online analysis of reaction kinetics

Interfaces & communication protocols:

  • Remote Control via VNC
  • USB interfaces
  • LAN Ethernet
  • Interface Protocols:
  • TCP/IP, DataREST, JSON / RS232
  • Data export in csv, xls
  • Online support tool


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