Samplify your lab

Support für Chemiker direkt aus dem nevolab Applikationslabor

We see our mission in developing and providing new and innovative instruments, IT-technologies and services around scientific laboratories. Our customers are working in the areas of: drug discovery and chemical synthesis, lifescience and biotechnogy, pharmaceutical production, environmental and food analysis, R&D and universities, as well as in quality and product control.


“Samplify your LAB” is a made up from the terms sample, simplify and LABoratory and represents our motivation: to simplify the products needed to work in the lab.

Since 2004 products made in Germany in Maierhöfen in the Allgäu region

Our company is embedded in the natural landscape of Allgäu. We work in a small team in the fields of mechanics, physics, chemistry, software development , electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, marketing and sales.

nevolab stands for Responsibility
for our employees, our processes and our product. That is why we develop and produce the xelsius from the very first to the final step in our workshop in Maierhöfen in the Allgäu.

Martin Metzger

Manfred Lorenz

Daniel Schildwächter

The expertise of more than 20 years in lab automation, lab data management and OEM instrument development is incorporated in our xelsius, a tool that is used for parallel synthesis, process and reaction optimization as well as for performing solubility and crystallization experiments.

Expertise, attitude and a lot of enthusiasm.

Our team

nevolab – all under one roof – from the idea to the realization.

We are motivated by technology, innovation and the application of modern tools:

  • 3D CAD transforms our ideas into a picture
  • Electronics development energizes our ideas
  • CNC machines makes them touchable
  • Software development converts our ideas into usable applications
  • In the test & application work shop our products become operational.
  • Sales & Marketing brings our products into the world
  • Our service stands for our corporate image



We look forward to hearing from you.