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About us


Who are we?


nevoLAB has made it its business to develop and provide new and innovative equipment, IT technologies and services for scientific laboratories.

Our customers come from the following areas:


  • Drug Discovery & Drug Synthesis
  • Life-Science & Biotechnology
  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Environmental and food analysis
  • Research, development and universities
  • and from quality and product control


We are currently bundling the experience of more than 20 years in laboratory automation, laboratory data management and OEM device development for the further development and market launch of XELSIUS reactor products for parallel synthesis, process and reaction optimization as well as for solubility and crystallization experiments.


“SAMPLIFY your LAB” is an artificial phrase made up of the terms SAMple, simPLIFY and LABoratorium and embodies our motivation: products and services that make life and work easier for our customers in the laboratory with their samples and data.







In 2019, with now nine employees, the successful brand launch and intensification of the product range around the XELSIUS reactor system was achieved.

In spring 2017, another in-house production building with modern manufacturing technologies and a chemical application laboratory was completed and put into operation

2016 Expansion of the SAMPLIFY product family to include SAMLIFY XL, a standardized automation platform for customer-specific processes, and SAMPLIFY P as a simple robotics platform for small volumes and for the use of disposable tips

2015 Introduction of SAMPLIFY Robot as a small universal robotic system for laboratories

2013 Application of RFID and IT technologies in laboratory automation projects

2011 Expansion of the product range, production of customer-specific laboratory automation systems and their application.

In 2010, four employees moved across the border to Bavaria into their own building in 88167 Maierhöfen, Am Gehrenbach 8.

2010 Development of a test rig to determine the cold properties of diesel fuel

2009 Development of Solvent Control, a patented solvent supply and disposal system for high-throughput laboratory systems.

In 2008, own products and customer-specific systems for laboratory automation were added.

nevoLAB was founded in 2004 by Martin Metzger as an engineering office in Isny in the form of a limited company. The main focus of the company’s activities was software development, OEM components and sensor technology for laboratory equipment.