xelsius STS, developed for fully automatic sampling and determination of solubility curves

Solubility studies are very time consuming processes. The xelsius STS system provides an efficient instrument by taking up to up to 10 samples automatically in parallel . All solubility parameters such as temperature, equllibration time and sampling parameters are configured in the STS software. The integrated sample preparation functions like sample dilution factors, number of duplicates and the injection into a HPLC system are part of the STS software. Complete solubility curves are generated automatically by the STS chromatography module.

Fully automated solubility studies

An  important part a solubility study is the determination and documentation of the experimental parameters. All experimental conditions can be specified via the Windows(r) user interface. Solubility temperatures, equilibration time and the type of sampling are stored in a solubility method used for a study.

A scheduler generates the runtime sequence and the sampling steps. This gives you an overview of the complete testing schedule and the entire screening process.

Probennahme in Standard HPLC Vials

Sample filtration

The insoluble components are separated by a dedicated filtration unit within the automatic sampling process.

The filtration unit is designed for automation purposes by an spring-loaded needle guide. The special glass fiber filter is only plunged into the solvent for the sampling step. This allows reproducible sampling processes and avoids filter blocking effects.

Vial 0,5-3 ml
with filtration unit
Filtration unit with spring loaded needle guide and filter insert

HPLC Chromatographie Modul

You can choose between external analysis or a fully automated alternative.

Sampling and optional dilution is done in 1.5 ml standard vials or via an optional online integration to a HPLC-UV/VIS system with fully automated analysis of the saturation concentration.

We will be pleased to advise you on how to optimize and accelerate your specific solubility testing tasks with the xelsius STS.