xelsius workstation accessories for your successful and reproducible chemical experiments and reactions.

Place the reaction setup into the xelsius in one step.

There are small and simple things that make the difference.

Use the possibilities to simplify your daily laboratory work for a more productive, safer and more sustainable chemistry. Developed from chemists for chemists.

Samplify your LAB!

5-port Reaction Cap —
flexible and multifunctional

The 5-Port-Reaction Cap offers safe working with a wide range of connection options. Made of chemically inert fluoroplastic, gas and pressure tight, with universal ¼” UNF 28 thread.

  • Connection of a PT 1000 temperature probe for monitoring the reaction temperature
  • Dosing and sampling of reagents via 1/8″ or 1/16″ PTFE/PFA Tubes
  • Sampling options via tube fittings and Luer syringe connection
  • Process gas and inert gas connection via tube fittings
  • connection of a 2/2 way valve made of PTFE/PEEK
  • Needle access via an N9 septum port
  • Access for probes up to 4 mm OD
5-Port-Reaction Cap - PTFE and Vial-Set 5-Port-Reaction Cap 4x UNF Thread 1x Spetum PTFE/silicone
5-Port-Reaction Cap and 2/2 valve 4x UNF Thread 1x Spetum PTFE/silicone
Multifunctional connections
Gas insert
Application with 5 reactor cells and monitoring of reaction temperature

Temperature measurement

temperature - high and low

No reaction control without temperature control.

The xelsius has reaction temperature measurement and monitoring “on board” as standard for each of the 10 reaction cells.

With the 5-Port-Reaction cap and the PTFE coated PT 1000 temperature probe you have full control of what is going on in your reaction vessel.

One more click at the end of the experiment takes care of all the necessary documentation.

PT 1000 Temperatursensor, 5-Port-Reaction Cap with water separator
Application with 5 reactor cells and monitoring of reaction temperature
Monitoring of reaction temperature
10 ports for PT 1000 temperature sensor on board
Application with 5 reactor cells and monitoring of reaction temperature

Inerting Workstation

Working reproducible under inert conditions

Many catalyst induced reactions are sensitive to oxygen and humidity. With the Inert Workstation, 10 reaction vessels can be evacuated in parallel and purged with inert gas in a very efficient, highly reproducible manner.

This leads to syntheses with improved reproducibility and high conversion rates.

Inert Workstation for 5-Port-Reaction Cap
Inert Workstation ideal for serial connected reaction vessels
Place the reaction setup into the xelsius in one step.
Easy to use with self-sealing couplings

Reflux condenser

Working under reflux - unimpressive but effective

Simply click in and you work as usual under reflux, saving time, solvent and costs.

No solvent loss even with long reaction times and high temperatures.

Reflux Condensor made of chemical inert PE

Working with the Reflux Condensor is easy

Application with 5 reactor cells and monitoring of reaction temperature
Tube set with Flow Control Sensor

Dispensing Unit

Reaction automation with the Dispensing Unit

The Dispensing Unit turns the xelsius into an automated reaction station with up to 10 independent reactor cells.

Time controlled and precise dispensing of reagents and solvents

  • with two independent channels from 20µl/min up to 4 ml/min.
  • Dosing amount, dosing speed and timer functions can be programmed individually for each reaction cell.
A xelsius plug & play automation solution to speed up your chemical reactions.
Time controlled dosing quenching from 20µl bis 25 ml at flowrates from 20µl/min up to  4 ml/min.
  • User-friendly reaction-setup
  • Automated dosing and diluton
  • Data-export & reporting by a few clicks
Very good chemical resistance against many solvents, e.g. Alcoholes, Esters, Ethers, Aliphathic & Aromatic Hydrocarbons.

Gas Injecting

Gas Balloon Supply Set - simple and clever working with reaction gases

Injection of reaction gases for example in hydrogen reactions with the Gas-Balloon Supply Set

Application with Balloon, 5-Port-Reaction Cap, valve and tube coupling

Ready to use Gas-Balloon Supply Set
Gas injection with the Needle Research Kit


Ready to use

The sampling options are as diverse as your experiments. With the needle/septum port or with ¼” UNF 28 fittings and the appropriate Luer tubes, nearly all possibilities are available for you.


Needle Research Kit

Stainless Steel, Luer Needles
Valve, temperature probe, syringe
Sampling 5-Port-Reaction Cap

Magnetic stirrer

Stirred and not shaken

PTFE-coated, chemically inert magnetic stir bars, optimized and adapted to High-Volume vials and Low-Volume vials, tailored to your application.

Magnetic Stirring Bar Small,
Size: 8 × 3 mm,
Material: PTFE coated,
Feature: Pivot-ring

PTFE Stirrer Bar Elliptical Turbo Elliptical  10 × 6 mm, PTFE Strirrer Turbo, extra strong, Size: 10 × 6, ellipitcal, for LV-Vial

PTFE Stirrer Bar Elliptical Turbo Elliptical 15 × 10 mm, PTFE Strirrer Turbo, extra strong, Size: 15 × 10, ellipitcal, for HV-Vial

PTFE Stirrer Bar Oval Turbo Elliptical 10 × 5 mm, PTFE Stirrer Turbo, extra strong, Size: 10 × 5 mm, elliptical, for HV/LV-Vials

Reaction vessels

The vessel should fit the reaction content

Select the tubes from the product portfolio that are suitable for your reaction. The volume range is from a few 100µl up to 30 ml. For special applications there is the water separator or the GL 32 vial made of PTFE.


If you want to use your own proven reaction vessels, there is the possibility to make the xelsius suitable for them by using tailormade adapters.

LV Vials Starter Kit | 0,5— 5 ml

Glass vials with GL 25 thread

Proven Duran glass with standard laboratory GL 25 thread enables universal use in daily laboratory routine. The vials are optimized in dimensions and with a thin wall thickness to allow rapid heat transfer into the reaction solution.


Available as HV vial (High Volume) with 24 mm outer diameter for reaction volumes up to 30 ml and as LV vial (Low Volume) with 13 mm outer diameter for reaction volumes from 0.5ml to 4 ml.

HV Vial GL 25 Standard, Volume: 1—30 ml, Size: 134 × Ø 24mm
LV Vial,  GL 25 Standard, Volume: 0,5—5 ml, Size: 134mm × Ø 24 mm | 13 mm
LV Vials Starter Kit | 0,5— 5 ml

HV Vials Starter Kit

PTFE Vial - 100% anti-stick

With the PTFE vial you benefit from the advantages of PTFE from -50°C to 220 °C.

Equipped with GL 32 and an ultra-thin smooth wall for optimal heat transfer and easy handling it is ideal, especially if glass is not the right material for your reaction conditions.

PTFE Vial, GL 32 volume 1-30 ml
PTFE Vial, GL 32 volume 1-30 ml

Water separator

In many chemical reactions it is important to remove water from the reaction mixture.

The combination of water separator and reflux condenser enable efficient work.

Customized adapters

Do you need to use your existing reaction vessels?

No problem – with customized tailor-made adapters we make the xelsius exactly suitable for this purpose.

Customized tailormade adapter

Customized tailormade adapter