Process optimization with 10 reactions - simultaneously, digitized and performed overnight

10 different reactions in one setup for processoptimization and reaction screening.
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Improvements at oxygen-sensitive reactions

    We will demonstrate how you can design up to 10 different experiments in parallel with the xelsius reaction workstation, perform and evaluate reactions from -20°C to 150°C automatically with modern data technology. Practical accessories such as pressure reactors make the xelsius an universal tool and a “must-have” for every chemist in the field of drug discovery, process optimization, reaction screening, scaling up and DoE (design of experiments).

    Image sustainable chemical reactions
    For a more sustainable Lab

    By using the xelsius the amount of chemicals and CO2 emissions can be significantly reduced. For more sustainability in your lab and better results out of your experiments.

    10 reactions in just one device
    Setup of different syntheses in xelsius reactor with reaction control monitor
    What our customers say:

    “A must-have device for every research chemist.”

    “The xelsius runs around the clock for us. “

    Easy to use software
    Xelsius software displays all parameters of each reaction in one screen.
    Digitize your lab - easy

    With open source interfaces like  REST API, OPC-UA, RS232 you can easily integrate xelsius by  Phyton, Delphi , Labview or other IoT technologies into your IT and laboratory automation world.

    Applications in automation