Automated reaction control with online HPLC analysis

With xelsius workstation automated synthesis experiments can be realized. The synthesis reactions can be scheduled on the PC and processed by the workflow software.

Automatic sampling is used for measuring the reaction kinetics. The samples are reproducibly collected, accurately diluted with the HPLC eluent and online injected directly into the HPLC 6 port-valve.

  • Adding of up to 5 different agents/solvents
  • Automated sampling with all relevant information e.g. reaction runtime, temperatures, sample amount and liquid handlingparameters.
  • Providing of measuring sample plates for offline – HPLC analysis
  • Injection and triggering of automated HPLC analysis methods
  • Automatic purging, drying and washing after each sampling step

Software features for reaction-setup

Planning of sampling and aliquoting
HLPC Injection Port
Injection valve with sample loop

Process Scheduling: Due to the automated process scheduling, up to 10 different reaction processes can be timed in parallel.

Workflows for: Washing, dissolving ,dosing, pipetting, conditioning, stirring, sampling, dilution and injection.


Up to five agents or solvents
Fully automated HPLC injection
Liquidhandling parameters for  Sampling/Aliquoting/Cleaning