Perform pressure reactions flexibly and easily in your laboratory – but always safe

Safely perform solvothermal reactions with the xelsius parallel reactor while easily monitoring pressure and temperature.
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Technical Data

    Pressurized laboratory reactors often involve problems of work safety and flexibility. With the xelsius a safe and field-proven low-pressure reactor system is available. Regardless if you perform catalysis reactions, syntheses or stability studies with small volumes and low pressures. They are always safe for all 10 parallel experiments at the same time.
    Temperatures and pressure profiles can be monitored easily. This keeps your experiments reproducible, accurate and documented for your entire team.

    Test certificate with xelsius low pressure reactor
    Proven safety

    We manufacture and test our pressure reactors according to the latest AD-2000 guidelines.

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    Setup of different syntheses in xelsius reactor with reaction control monitor
    Save valuable lab-space

    Up to 10 pressure reactors parallel in a single unit as well as excellent and high-speed temperature control makes the xelsius popular for teams and parallel studies in the laboratory.

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    Easy sampling and temperature monitoring with the pressure reactor xelsius.
    Full flexibility for your reaction setup

    To ensure that a pressure reactor does not remain a “black box”. Flexible accessoires keep your pressure reactions always simple to handle for sampling, temperature monitoring and gas reactions.

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