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Sample Preparation with optical level detection

Automated process for low or varying volumina. Optical filling level detection unit in a pipette tip. The process is set according to the pipetted volume (big Volume or small Volume). Direct predosage of dissolution solution.

Sample Preparation with integrated Thermoshaker

Sample Preparation with an integrated thermoshaker. Simultaneous heating and shaking. Optimized shaker for Automation. Predestined for derivatization processes. Programmed in an easy to handle excel file.

Automated dilution of acidic digestion solutions
Predosage of solvent (demin. water), transfer of samples, reading parameters out of an Excel file (LIMS Export), creating Report.
Predestined for working with acidic samples: e.g. of microwave digestion.

Easy Sample Preparation SAMPLIFY P
Dosage of solvent, transfer of Sample aliquots, Needlemix, washing steps

This video shows general working processes of SAMPLIFY Robot.