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XELSIUS control - LAB mode

Get started immediately with all essential features

XELSIUS control - PRO mode

freely prgrammable temperature profiles, extensive diagram & data export features

The new XELSIUS control 2.0 software can also be understood as two different programs. In the intuitive LAB mode, the XELSIUS is as easy to operate as a heated magnetic stirrer.
In PRO mode, you have access to flexibly configurable diagrams, you will be able to ceate and manage temperature profiles. You also have several options for exporting diagrams and data.
XELSIUS control 2.0 adapts to your laboratory processes and not vice versa.

Features within LAB mode

Get started within LAB mode

After switch on, the XELSIUS immediately reports to LAB mode. You have a complete overview of the status of all ten cells and can immediately start with individual heating, cooling, stirring or temperature ramping, each cell separately with access to all essential functions.

Easy to setup parameters

Even when wearing gloves, the essential parameters can be entered quickly and intuitively.
With one-two wipe gestures, a parameter set could quickly be transferred to several reactor cells.

All cells at a glance

Wenige Bedienelement und Farben geben schnell die Status der jeweiligen Zelle an. So können auch mehrere Mitarbeiter mit einem Gerät arbeiten. Egal ober ein Kollege eine Zelle ganz langsam und gerührt auf 150°C aufheizen möchte und der andere Kollege gleichzeitig so schnell wie möglich drei Zellen für 40 Minuten kühlen möchte. Im LAB mode behalten Sie den Überblick bei maximaler Flexibilität.


Features within PRO mode

Temperature profiles

It is simple to create more complex or multi-stage temperature profiels within PRO mode. Even cyclic temperature control procedures e.g. for biological processes could be realized quickly, saved and documented. The login function/user administration allows you to meet further GMP/regulatory requirements.

Flexible diagramms

PRO mode allows to display, save and export diagrams, temperatures and other parameters of each cell via USB. Each diagram is freely configurable. Scales, axis and displayed parameters could be choosen depending on  the parameters you want to observe.