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XELSIUS Synthesis Reactor

Compact Synthesis Reactor with 10 individually controlled cells in one single device
– 20°C  to +150 °C.  A space saving device designed for parallel synthesis, reaction- and process optimization and also
for DoE Studies (Design of Experiment).

– Report generator and data export via USB

– PTFE-coated inert surfaces

– High speed cooling and heating

– Excellent reproducability between all cells

– Touchscreen and Powersupply could be placed outside the flow hood

– Integrated turbity measurement (option)

– External temperature probes (option)

– XELSIUS Reactor: Art 8053 100 002

– Temperature range – 20 °C to 150°C

– max heating rate 48°C/min; max cooling rate -36°C/min

– Interfaces: 3 x USB, RS 485, TCP/IP

– Dimensionen Reactor: 360 x 165 x 140 mm 

– Dimensionen Power supply:  360 x 165 x 140 mm

– Power Supply IN: 240 VAC 50/60 Hz, 1,2 kW. OUT: 24 V

  • Temperature Studies
  • Optimization of Reaction Parameters (e.g. scaling Up)
  • Crystallisation Analysis
  • Solubility Profiling
  • Process Optimization
  • DoE Studies

Features & Benefits

Application 1: Screening
Development of new catalystor  products by parallel testing in 10 individual experiment settings and
temperature methods in one device.
Application 2: Solubility
Optimization of reaction parameters for scaling up in drug discovery with different solvents, temperature profiles and components.
Integrated turbidity measurement.
Integrated CDS software module for analysis and integration of HPLC data.
Application 3: Crystallization
Crystallization studies e.g. for protein analysis and crystal growth analysis.
Optimization of crystal
growth at 10 different parameter settings for a high reproducabiltiy between experiments.
High accuracy of temperature values  (+/- 0,1 °C) in combination with a high reproducibilty ensures relieable experiments. Temperature controll by jacket temperature or external probe within the sample.