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SAMPLIFY Robot provides your laboratory a versatile, easy to use and cost effective solution for liquid handling and automation. Even smaller teams can benefit from the advantages ob lab automation.


  • Liquid handling processes
  • Sample Preparation
  • Creating stock solutions
  • Autosampler for external devices
  • Fraction collecting

Features & Benefits

  • Customized app programming on your requirements
  • Addition of solvents and reagents
  • Cost effective
  • Wireless connection: flexible, portable and lightweight
  • Flexible and easy process programming via Excel files
  • Using your proven labware, vials and racks


  • Full LIMS intergation possible
  • Modular system: extendable with shaker, balance, data system, footswitch, data devices…
  • Different needles available
  • Indivdual vials and racks
  • Easy setting of every single process step: pipetting speed, airgaps, dive depth…


Learn something about our acessories for SAMPLIFY

SAMPLIFY P, Automatische Derivatisierungsreaktionen


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