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SAMPLIFY prep combines the advantages of an automatic pipette, a dilutor and a dispenser. Further it supports you in terms of lab data handling.
Take the advantages of the useful standard applications for various lab processes, saving time and efford. The graphic user guidance helps you to avoid mistakes and to increase process reliability.

Supported pipetting, serial dilution of samples and standards,
or addition of solvents: dispense function combined with
data – handling.

Standard Applications

Program your own supplementary applications besides the standard applications of our sales package.
Upload further methods for your dilutor via scanning a QR code.

Application 1: DILUTION
Precise pipetting of a sample aliquote and dosage in addition of a defined solvent volume in the target cavity at pressing the foot switch.
Easy and flexible preparation of dilution series by an intuitive software interface. Creation of pipetting charts. Repetition of the pipetting loop till the end of process. 

Application 2: SERIAL DISPENSE
Definition of different target volumes. Dosage of the different volumes at pressing the foot switch. Repetinition of the dosage loop until the process is stopped by the user.

Application 3: CONTINUOUS
Generating a constant solvent flow by using alternating pump movements.
Target volume, pump speed and timing are defined flexible. Dosage speed of 100 minuted per stroke up to 1,2 seconds per stroke. Integration and controlling by external devices via RS 232 interface, Bluetooth, Ethernet or WLAN.

Applikation 4: MIX
Preparation of solvent- or reagent- mixtures by dosage of predefined volumes of two different source vessels. Processing even agressive substances by inert high quality materials and felxible parameter settings. For example providing a solvent mixture for continuous extraction by external systems.

Features & Benefits

Optimized Processes

  • SAMPLIFY prep offers the advantages of a dilutor, a dispenser & an automatic pipette
  • Quick pipetting and dosage of solvents by a 2,5 ml syringe
  • Precise aliquoting of samples by a 1000 μl syringe (alternativ 50 μl,
    100 μl or 250 μl syringe)
  • Simultaneous aspiration of solvent volume and sample aliquot
  • Saving time using predefined half automatic processes
  • Support in various different routine lab processes
  • Report as LIMS import: LIMS connect
    As CSV, Excel File or PDF
  • Logging of the user, pipetted volumes, target cavities, pipetting times, date and rack barcodes
  • Importing new methods by scanning a QR code
  • Rack identification via barcode
  • Saving the rack barcode in the report

Software & Controlling

Intuitive controlling of the SAMPLIFY prep software via touch display. Avoiding mistakes and gererating a save work feel by graphic user guidance: Displaying the finished and the actually pipetted cavity as well as the process step.

Practical standard applications to support you in daily routine lab jobs.
Get started without initial training: intuitive menu and application structure.
Wireless connected bluetooth foot switch for pipette control. Parameter setting at the touch display. 

Do you need an individual application?
Easy and quick upload via QR code.
Alternatively programming your own applications in the scripter.


Pipetting station

  • Ergonomic PTFE pipette pen with comfortable haptic.
  • Pactical stand with long lasting and resistant surfaces and good cleanability.
  • Integrated safety trays.

Wireless foot switch
Wireless foot switch for application controlling:

  • Easy and flexible usage also in the laminar flow:
    no disturbing cables.
  • No further health problems with RSI (repetive stress injury).

Touch display

  • Avoidance of pipetting mistakes by visualization of the actual cavity: graphic user guidance and intuitive software interface
  • Touchscreen 8“.
  • Interface for data transfer and power supply: USB.