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Reflux Condenser

Reduces significantly evaporation losses of solvents.

An easy to integrate attachment, suitable for all XELSIUS reactors. The new design prevents the annoying condensation of air humidity. The evaporation losses of low-boiling solvents are significantly reduced
With the transparent cooling body you have an eye on what is going on inside. Stainless steel inserts guarantee an optimal heat transfer to the glas vials.


  • No condensation of air humidity
  • A quick look inside the cooler shows the coolant flow.
  • Only one cooling circuit is required for reflux condenser and reactor.
  • Non-spill and self-sealing couplings for high user comfort.
  • Different cooler versions available for vials with an outer diameter of 24mm and 30mm.
  • Suitable for all XELSIUS reactors


To achieve evaporation losses of less than 20 mg/h, a cooling liquid temperature of approx. 50K below the boiling point of the solvent is recommended.

The comparison shows that the reflux condenser dramatically reduces solvent loss in open septum-sealed vials (needle in septum) especially with low boiling solvents.

Prevent loss of solvents

Loss without reflux condenser

Ethanol Acetone Water
after 1 h -0,8% -32,2% -0,2%
after 2 h -1,5% -58,5% -0,3%


Loss with reflux condenser

Ethanol Acetone Water
after 1 h -0,5% -2,2% -0,2%
after 2 h -0,7% -6,5% -0,4%