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SAMPLIFY optimized for sample preparation in metal analysis with ICP or AAS; e.g. for dilution of acedic digestion solutions, fast preparation of dilution series and sample aliquoting. With the help of excel-files, even complex worklists can be created fast and easy, e.g. for top- ups, spiking with internal standards, addition of reagents or buffer solutions and mixing of standards.


  • Sample splitting and dilution
  • Predosing / addition of reagents
  • Preparation of dilution series
  • Sample preparation for metal analysis, ICP, AAS

Features & Benefits

  • Metallfree liquid handling
  • PTFE- and Halar-coating, no free or product touching metal parts
  • Configuration to protect the electronics against acedic vapours
  • For volumes of a few µl up to dosage of several milliliters
  • Usable with all common tube racks or customized rack production on your requirements
  • Individual setting of pipetting parameters
  • Easy, safe and cost efficient liquid handling


  • Availlable as needle pipettor or pipet tip system
    (we provide tip adapters for all common pipet tips)
  • Usable with your proven labware
  • Different needle types or pipet tips
  • Individual vials and rack formats
  • Easy programming of each single work step: pipetting speed, airgaps, dive depth…


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Probenvorbereitung für die ICP
Probenvorbereitung für die ICP


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