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HPLC Solvent Control

Optimized and safe solvent supply for liquid handling systems or chromatoraphy devices (uHPLC-MS,  Preparative LC).
Solvent Control offers you many advantages in terms of safety and ensures highest purity of the solvents.


  • Solvent supply for liquid handling systems and chromatography devices

Features & Benefits

  • Supply of solvents with comprehensive safety concept
  • Nondistributive supply of high purity solvents via automatic switchover of the source containers, z.B. for high throughput systems
  • Only smallest solvent ammounts are stored in the lab
  • Prevention of external contamination or reduction in quality of the liquids
  • Improvement of explosion- and exposition- prevention
  • Workload reduction and process optimization
  • Autarkic operation at UHPLC-MS Systems in 72 hours high throughput mode possible
  • Safe collection and storage of solvent waste from LC- systems.


  • Completely concluded system, no exposition by toxical vapours
  • Meets requirements for substances of protection level 2 & 3 according to GefStoffVO §9-11, e.g. Acetonitrile and methanole
  • Valve free switchover of the containers prevents contamination of the solvents by plasticizers
  • Constant liquid level monitoring of the solvent reservoirs
  • Fluid-carrying tubes were realized double- walled
  • Potential leakages are led in a steel tray and monitored by a sensor
  • Storage of the solvent reservoirs in safety cabinets with integrated exhaust- air- system
  • Plastic coated solvent bottles


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