Save Space in Fume Hood and Investment with XELSIUS

Save space in fume hood and investment costsn by using XELSIUS

Ten independent reactors in just one instrument for automated parallel synthesis, process optimization and Design of Experiment studies.

You learn:

  • Alterntives to classical heating plate, ice bath, magnetic stirrer and reflux condenser
  • Save space in the fume hood with XELSIUS
  • Comparison of investment costs
  • Flexible placement of monitor and reactor
  • Easy operation even for multiple users with XELSIUS control 2.0 LAB mode
  • Use of reflux condenser and ineration units


6 – 8 people

Scientists in the area of
– Parallelsynthesis
– Processoptimisation
– Drug Discovery
– Design of Experiment


at:     18th of February  2021
time: 02:00 p.m. CET
ca:     20-25 min

on:   4th of March 2021
         02:00 p.m. CET
ca:   20-25 min

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